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Jarv's Rules

December 19, 2023

This article first appeared in our COP28 issue of My Green Pod Magazine, published 30 November 2023. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

Humanity is failing in its handling of the climate crisis – almost certainly because it is using the same thinking that caused it in the first place.

A response from the same level of consciousness that caused this mess will not work. Why? Because this thing we are calling a crisis is in fact a calling for evolution.

The adversity and challenges we face are a call for us to rise to the occasion, to awaken from our slumber and evolve – eyes wide, heart full – bursting with love and gratitude to explode into the next paradigm.

Mother Nature isn’t calling this a crisis; she is conspiring with the cosmos to raise consciousness in all things, including us.

If you believe we are ‘mere mortals’ and that there is no divine plan – it’s all a coincidence – then this strand of thinking might not be for you.

If, however, like me you believe we are spiritual beings trying out the human experience so we can all learn from ourselves and each other – by creating and expressing consciousness in all forms of information so source itself can learn and evolve – then this may strike a chord.

So how do I know Nature isn’t calling this a crisis? Because she told me and it felt true.

Learning to listen

Before entering the business scene, I trained with a female shaman indigenous to the UK.

There was no quick hit of altered-state plant medicine – just good solid sacred training in the arts of yoga, meditation and shamanism.

The best and biggest lesson for me was learning to listen deeply – not to external noise, but to the underlying frequencies beyond audible sound and speech.

The best way to describe this is perhaps how the mycelium network might communicate, through energetic pathways or streams of consciousness.

Once I became so still in mediation that I could feel the Earth breathe and move, and I felt a oneness with her.

Since then Gaia, the wind, the trees, the animals and birds have continued to communicate with me.

After years of listening I began to be able to understand and translate. Translating is sometimes very hard because of the limitations around words and meaning; for me sound, in its true form, carries the real message.

My teacher was described as a sacred sound yogi and shaman, so I was trained to listen and then use my voice to communicate. Thankfully my range and tone are able to translate what I hear.

This is what I hear from Nature: she is giving us an opportunity to remember the meaning of unity and co-creation in the context of our human existence. She is offering us what is written in many sacred texts: the chance to manifest Nirvana, or Heaven on Earth.

Like a living mother, she wants her children to grow into the most amazing beings; to do this she is challenging the lives we have collectively created – the lives that are clearly not serving us – and beginning to rebuild another world.

The thing we call a crisis is in fact the opportunity we’ve been waiting for.

Sparking mass evolution

When we lived indigenous and sacred lives – without separation from spirit and nature – we used to create challenges that would help us to grow and evolve.

Look at all the sages and saints: they all put themselves close to death in order to become awakened.

What’s happening now is the next coming of divine evolution – all wrapped up so we can enter a phase of mass evolution.

We live in a universe in which everything has its purpose, yet we are wired to experience polarities: cause and effect, masculine and feminine, day and night, good and bad – and the biggest addiction of all: living outside ourselves without the balance of knowing within. This is why meditation and stillness are key to the awakening.

Gratitude and love

Once we realise there is no separation from the internal self and the self that interacts with the outside world, then we will evolve. We must become totally at ease with knowing we are all Indigenous humans and spiritual beings, who can know how to live the sacred ways by stimulating and awakening our cellular memory or DNA.

When we know this to be true, we will accept everything happening and unfolding is exactly how it’s meant to be.

The biggest difference, however, is that we will know our part; we will know why we chose to incarnate at this time, in this place, in this moment. This moment we are collectively calling a crisis.

It doesn’t have to be a crisis.

What Mother Nature told me is this: ‘If you can simply remember gratitude and love towards me and each other, I will fix this thing you are calling a crisis with ease.’

That’s all it will take – I really believe it is that simple.

Supporting the feminine

How many of us are willing to accept this as a truth, and get out of the way by practising love and gratitude?

The key to this lies in those who incarnated in the female body; it’s time for the men to support the women and feminine within in the rewiring of our world, from the foundation of collaboration, gratitude, inclusion co-creation and abundance.

Remember this: Mother Nature has given us everything, from the oil under the ground to the food we put on the table.

We are all guilty of not saying thank you to the source of everything that creates life.

And if you want to be really radical, maybe offer gratitude to the sun, which gives the light for the Mother to do her thing.