Jarvis Smith

Dancing with life, listening to Nature, trusting intuition and co-creating with spirit are my fundamental qualities. These ways of being have built a strong foundation in how we can all operate in life and business.
Purpose has always been my driving force!

Jarvis is an OMMMbassador and founding member of the World Upshift Movement

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Jarvis at Broughton Hall.
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Jarvis, Katie and Vivi.
Jarvis and Katie, My Green Pod.

Two worlds collide with dynamic effect

On one hand I am a proud hippie, mystic, self-confessed tree-hugger and radical eco-warrior, also a thought-leader, media entrepreneur, speaker and renowned online retail businessman.

After studying with a female shaman indigenous to the UK for over a decade, in 2007 on Channel 4's TV show 'Dumped' my eyes were opened to the vast devastation human lifestyle waste was having on the planet. It was a realisation that was to lead to a lifetime’s work protecting the Earth.

My first magazine GREEN was published with National Geographic from 2008, which then moved to The Guardian in 2010, evolving into the My Green Pod magazine from 2013. Co-produced with my wife Katie Hill, it is now the world’s biggest ethical lifestyle magazine and My Green Pod leads the field in ethical shopping. I also founded in 2010 and still run one of the World's most respected sustainability and climate awards, P.E.A. (People Environment Achievement) Awards.

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My role as a speaker.

My Journey from living on a landfill for Channel 4's TV documentary 'Dumped', to launching the World's biggest ethical lifestyle magazine National Geographic Green, and now running My Green Pod with my wife Katie Hill is a story of finding purpose, a blueprint for living in service to something bigger perhaps higher than myself. If everyone focused on what they love doing and is brilliant at, and then dedicated this skill to fixing the biggest issue of humanities time, the climate crisis, we would all be living our purpose doing what we love for a higher cause. My ability to support and facilitate transformational shifts in leaders is a unique gift, helping to co-create an energetic shift in consciousness which can guide people to realign with their spiritual and purposeful selves and values, the parts everyone has but nobody is truly living.

What Spotify had to say: "Just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to speak with our community.  As you mentioned, those who joined were very engaged and we've uploaded the recording on our climate action hub for those who may have missed the session or for anyone who may want to watch it again.  We also included a few of the links you sent over, really appreciate that! "
Danielle Clark (She/Her/Hers) Senior Project Manager of R+D Events and Conferences


NEW: UK Health Radio, Mondays 1-2pm

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Is it a crisis?

The Lean Into Clean show will inspire, impress and inform: what can we all do to clean up our lives, so the next generations and of course our beautiful planet can thrive?

Perhaps we’ve all lost our way, Lean Into Clean will showcase how we might remember, re-focus and restore the natural ways, so we can again live in balance and harmony with life on Earth and all its inhabitants.

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Featured publication

300 Years of Leadership & Innovation

My wife, Katie, and I were selected as sustainability leaders for the 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation publication, a beautifully presented, fully illustrated hardback book, authored by a team of distinguished academics and award-winning writers. Produced in partnership by the History of Parliament Trust – one of the most respected and authoritative research projects in British history – and publisher St James’s House, the publication celebrates leadership in Britain and beyond over the past 300 years.

Launched to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the appointment of Britain’s first prime minister, Robert Walpole, in 1721, and in the year of Her Majesty The Queen’s 95th birthday, the book celebrates leadership across the full spectrum of British society: from Parliament and Crown to captains of industry and those pushing the boundaries of innovation.

30 years of leadership.

Giving back

I've learnt a lot during my 15 years pioneering in sustainable business, restorative retail and ethical living. Now I'm seen as a thought leader, it is a privilege to be on many boards as an executive director or non executive director. Helping organisations leap frog into a sustainable climate and co-creating real values that will surpass this current economic time gets me up in the morning. We can truly create a better future, but only if we are prepared to move into purpose with no compromise.

Action creates change.

Spirited Business and Leadership events.

Training with a female Shaman shaped an idea to build a community of business leaders. Leaders open to reconnecting and working with the true essence of 'Spirit & the Sacred' is perhaps the only way to evolve through this impending climate crisis. Having worked with 100's of leaders, it's clear that what 'WE' teach really works. Come and join an event and be a part of the 'Spirited Business & Leadership' community.

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Spirited Business.
Tree hugging.
Broughton Hall event.
Broughton Hall aSpirited Business event, with fairy lights.
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Yoga class at Avallon, Broughton Hall.
Jarvis at Broughton Hall.
Delicious food at a Spirited Business event.

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