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Thought Leader – ME?

June 21, 2022

Being described or even labelled as a thought leader couldn’t be further from the truth, little I do comes from my head it comes from heart!

Before I came into business I studied with a female Shaman in the UK, not a South America Ayahuasca initiation, but a deep study into our native lands wisdom and history right here in the old Blighty. For well over a decade, I was trained in perhaps some of the most important skills necessary for us to be able to navigate through this impending climate crisis. Skills like the art of listening to Nature and respecting her as a conscious spirited being that has provided everything we have ever needed to survive and then trusting her guidance to inform my decisions. I’m so well practiced in this communication now, it is my norm. The Earth has a lot to offer us in navigating through this time, and what I’m being told is really simple for us all to get on board!

How is it that in this collapsing World, and every sector of our man made industries becoming defunct, with most of our foundational pillars of society crumbling we still keep marching forward like lemmings jumping off a cliff?

Why can’t we put down our collective sleepiness for a system that doesn’t support or serve our children and grand children’s future?

Surely anyone in business right now must be wondering how they are going to future proof things so as not to be contributing to temperatures rising beyond the critical 1.5° degrees, by asking the question: what is my business supporting? finite fossil fuels, rapid destructive deforestation, toxicity damaging our eco systems, questions on the forefront of all our minds hey?!

The really bad news is we are already very close to that temperature rise, much sooner than anticipated and in fact the science says that a 3 degree rise is inevitable by mid century should we continue down this oil slick of a road.

I used to think being preachy was an absolute no-no and just turned people off…

(My wife and editor in chief Katie Hill set up our My Green Pod Guardian supplement, online ethical shop and P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards now in its 11th year to be a force for change supporting the great things going on in the World.

All of our products are the UK’s leaders, our magazine reaches in excess 7 million, our website is the only truly curated ethical marketplace, knowing you can completely trust every single product being the best out there and we plant a tree in the tropics for every single transaction (with our awesome women’s empowerment charity partner TreeSisters). It costs us 40p per tree and shows our customers we care more about the Planet than profit. In fact our values are in this order Planet, People, Purpose, Profit. When our online shop gets into the rear view mirror it could single handedly mitigate global human consumption on gas emissions per annum by the collaborative transaction of embedding Nature (trees, mangroves and sea kelp).

…now I think like this instead: We have knowledge that can help our species get through this climate crisis, it’s uncomplicated but requires us to collectively simplify our lives, trust systemic (but again simple) changes, and choose life and not the 6th mass extinction. Here’s a remedy and some quick maths (thanks Katie – she is the clever one by the way!) In 2019 the UK had 40b audited transactions, if we embedded a tree in the tropics for each one this would mitigate 40b tonnes of carbon, human consumption for 12 months. Can it be that simple? YES!

We humans are addicted to making something our own, things like Net Zero, circular economy, climate business and the list goes on, when all we need to do is give back to Nature when we take. If we did this united, i.e the brand or organisation, the customer and the government, if we embedded trees into every transaction each year we would reciprocate 3 years of emissions in one year. So instead of running out of time, we would be creating time… I know mind blowing isn’t it? Actually its not rocket science, it really is this simple.

When did we lose our connection with Nature and the Earth (Gaia), this conscious being the provides without question every single resource required for a man-made economic system? Could we at the very least acknowledge Nature every time, we brush our teeth, eat some toast, jump in the car, have a zoom call? Right now the UNFCCC are looking to the indigenous cultures, who are responsible for over 70% of the planets eco systems to help us fix the problem. The UN also know the SDG’s

are just not working, and have said that SDG5: gender equality and empowering women is the one area that could fix everything.

Why? Because the same thinking that got us into the mess cannot get us out. We have to listen to the voices and wisdom that isn’t being tapped into, this is a paradox in itself, because if we could listen to our own inner voice, that resource of knowing we all have but have been too busy to listen it will change everything forever.

So now you may understand why thought leadership is not for me. Deep listening and acting from that inner voice, the intuition and guidance from Nature is the resolution for our times.